Proper Archery Form.

Great article here from Dave at, just click on the image below:

Feel free to explore his website, lots of great info!

Back in Action!!

So we’ve been a bit quiet lately, mostly getting bows tuned, testing products and getting ready for the outdoor season!

What better way to start off, with a collection of probably the best male and female field archers shooting in the Pro series at Mullenborn this weekend, be sure and watch all the videos in the series, here is the first one:

The Vimeo Event Channel is here.

2015 Cartel Classic – Day 1 Part 1 from Pro Archery Series on Vimeo.

How To Correctly Tie in a Peep

Great Video from Speciality Archery on how to tie in a peep.


Index Finger Vs Thumb Release


Great Article from here featuring release aids from Hot Shot Manufacturing.

Paper Tuning.

Reo Wilde on Paper Tuning.