Month: June 2014

European Bow Hunter Champs 2014, Day 3.

Opening ceremony, 32 Degrees Celsius at 7pm!  

European Bowhunter Championships, Day 2.

As more archers arrive from every corner of Europe to participate in the Bowhunter Champs.. The practice ground is getting a bit fuller!  

European Bowhunter Championships, Day 1.

Bows registered, 254fps out of my 2013 Hoyt Pro Comp Elite with my Black Eagle Challengers, Bohning Blazer fletches.  Not to forget my Hot Shot Manufacturing 4 Finger Eclipse release! Ethan registered too in his category, Freestyle Recurve..  All excited,

Draw Length.

Words of advice on draw length from Reo Wilde, the “Honey Badger”  

More Words of Wisdom!

From our good friend George Ryals IV, this time on how to relax your back muscles on drawing to stop the pin from dropping on target!