Tune your recurve brace height

Brace Height Tuning

At a reasonably long distance that you are comfortable with shoot 6 arrows and measure the circumference of the group. Notate this measurement against the brace height measurement.

Now raise the brace height by a ¼” and retest. Do this 4 times until you have raised your brace height by at least an inch and then repeat the process by lowering your brace height around 8 times in ¼” increments until you are an inch below your starting brace height.

Then repeat the process by raising your brace height in ¼” increments until you end up at the original brace height.

You should have acquired some very interesting measurements and should be ready to make a decision about which brace height setting gave you the best group. If things have gone well the selected brace height should also have given you the quietest shooting setting as well!