Visionking 8×42 monocular/pocket telescope

A number of the club members recently bought one of these.
I tried it, “My god, I can actually see the arrow at sixty yards”!

After using this, then, looking back through my trusty binoculars, I realised that I have to buy a new viewing tool. The VisionKing monocular has 8 times magnification, just enough to provide a stable image, but best of all it has a 42mm objective lens with an extra large eyepiece (21mm in diameter) which makes the image look like someone just turned the lights on in comparison to my existing binoculars. (A good quality, though old pair)

Being a Monocular, it is naturally lighter than binoculars, it is provided with a strap, a cleaning cloth and a case with a belt loop. It can also be attached to a tripod, very easy to use!

The last feature is the only one that I had to work at, the twist-up/down eyecup.
When you use it, you need to adjust the eyecup so that you can put the Monocular at a comfortable position in front of your eye. Once done it stays put, so that’s OK.

Overall a great device, and I actually use it, (whereas sometimes found the binoculars too much of a pain to carry). Best of all it is very well priced, I think.

I bought the monocular from here Nipon-Scope

Just a note on the use of the monocular on a tripod.
This week we had to prepare for a Field round where you must shoot an eighty yard shot.
We set the monocular onto a tripod using the integral attachment point.
I could clearly see all arrows through the monocular, whereas by eye I could see none of them.
Still in awe of this scope!