Month: August 2014

It’s a Wrap!!

    Why Wrap? It’s a valid question, why would you use arrow wraps? Well for several reasons, which are fairly obvious. Ok, you’ve invested your hard earned money in your bow, your rest, your sight, the next big investment

Build a better Grip with Sugru!

Latest video from Last Chance Archery where George Ryals IV teaches you how to make the Sugru grip. This is actually part 2 of “grip pressure and grip placement”  

Get A Grip!

Latest Video from George Ryals IV of Last Chance Archery.. how to achieve the perfect grip!!  

It’s all about Back Tension!

Reo Wilde explains Back Tension:

Wrap and Fletch!

Latest video from George Rylas IV from Last Chance Archery #Bohning #custommadewraps