Bow Torque… How to fix it!

One of the hardest things to do in archery is to try and see what you are doing wrong.. Typically you need someone to watch you or video your shooting style to see if you are you leaning into the bow, are you leaning away from the bow, what is your elbow position?  It’s quite hard to see what is going on without some kind of help.


When it comes to gripping the bow, I myself struggled with a lot of different grips, I each one gave me different results, but no consistency over different distances.  Ever wonder why all of a sudden why one arrow would shoot off to the left or right for no reason at all?


I got the Torqueless System from  It allows you to visually see if you are torqueing the bow and allows you to try different variations of your grip to help you eliminate torque.




The system from comes as 3 separate elements or can be bought together.


The main part is the “Torqueless”, $30.  You attach it to your bow where the stabiliser goes and you then screw in an arrow, with an insert (point removed!).  When you shoot, you can see by the arrow end whether your bow is going to the left or right.. I wouldn’t be too worried about the up / down movements, this is quite acceptable and your stabiliser should sort this out.


Another part is the “Outrigger”, $35.  This cool piece of kit allows you to use your stabiliser and the “Torqueless”  It can also be used to offset your stabiliser.


The third element of the Clarks Archery system is the “Chooser”, $13.  When used with the “Outrigger” and the  “Torqueless” you can try different stabilisers, it can also add about 20mm to your stabiliser.


I handed the system around to a good few archers, both compound and recurvers, in my local club and they all thought it was a great visual aid and helped them to see what was happening to their bows as they shot.


All three elements can be purchased for $65 including tax and shipping from


I have to say, these are very clever pieces of equipment, and a must for the archer that wants to improve on their shooting to eliminate torque, or any trainer teaching archery students.